Saturday, August 30, 2008

Finished another story

Stories with the first draft done: 3
Stories waiting for critiques to come back: 2

I finished the first draft of To Pay the Devil last night and handed it over to my Dad, who has promised to give me an honest opinion. Dad is the most prolific reader of sci-fi and fantasy I know, which makes this a little nerve-wracking. But if it passes in his opinion, I know it must be good. I do feel that with each story I write, I'm getting better.

The first graph: It didn't look like a lake of gold, but as John Briggs had never seen one before, he was reserving judgment. If it were, in fact, the lake of legend, it would mean the end of the sleepless nights, the sick twist in his gut that had been his constant companion for years. It would mean he could finally buy back his soul.

Today is Day 2 of DragonCon, and I'm not there for the first time since 1999. I understand why the Post ordered a vacation blackout during the conventions, but that doesn't alleviate the Labor Day weekend depression.

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