Sunday, September 7, 2008

First submission!

OK, this is the third time I've started typing this post only to have the entire text vanish from the screen. It better not happen again.

A few days ago, I sent off my first ever story submission: "Unrequited" to Strange Horizons. I should be getting my very first rejection letter back in about a month or two. My husband tells me to think positively, but I figure I'm thinking realistically so that I'm not totally crushed when my story isn't accepted. My dad, whose judgment I trust and respect, told me the story is "brilliant." That's the word he used. Boy did that put me on cloud nine. Now, if only the editors at Strange Horizons think the same way ...

I also finished another story yesterday: "Cowboys and Moon Men." I had the first sentence in mind and wrote it, and then started writing more, and ended up with about 3,300 words. I think the story is a lot of fun. The first graph:

Like any good Western showdown, this one starts with a cowboy, a six-shooter and a girl. The cowboy, that’s me. The gun is mine, too, a real pretty one with a pearl handle that I picked up in Kansas City. As for the girl, well, let’s not rush things. You’ll get to meet her in a bit.

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