Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cold rainy Saturday

The forecast here in Denver included some possible snow, but so far we haven't seen any. It might come tonight after the temperature drops. It's already a chilly 40 degrees out there.

I'm working on two stories right now. I'm revising one based on a few well-thought-out critiques and will be sending it off for the Writers of the Future contest in the next month or so. The other story I'm working on is in first-draft mode, and boy I love it. This one is probably my best effort so far in my short writing career. Here's how it starts:

Eddie lost control of his other body somewhere between the gas station and the grocery store. Instead of picking up skim milk and beef jerky, he detoured to the nearest Wells Fargo and proceeded to rob it. Where the black ski mask and gun came from, Eddie didn't know.

He slumped in his booth, sipped his decaf and hummed to the music piping into the mall; white Christmases were overrated, no matter what Bing Crosby said. The restaurant smelled of grease, salt and too many bodies packed in a small space. Some kid was launching fries at his back like soggy missiles. He hoped his other self didn't get arrested. That would be tough to worm out of.

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