Friday, October 31, 2008

Early voting ... or not

My husband and I went to the local library today to cast our ballots. That was the plan. Until we saw the 50 people lined up outside the library doors. Because I had only 90 minutes until I had to leave for work, we decided to brave the lines early Tuesday. It serves us right for putting off the early voting until the last day, but I really didn't expect more than a handful of people doing the same thing. The turnout for this election is going to be enormous.

On the good side, however, I got a book in the mail today that was recommended to me right here in this very blog early in the week: "The 10% Solution" by Ken Rand. It's short -- about 90 pages of big type. (But the last thing you want for a book about how to shorten your writing is a long book.) So I'll read it tonight and tomorrow and then tackle the editing on my current story. See what happens.

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