Friday, December 5, 2008

Bad news for Denver news

Scripps Howard announced yesterday that it's putting the Rocky Mountain News up for sale. If no buyer is secured by mid-January, Scripps will consider other options. The common opinion seems to be that "other options" means shutting down the paper.

Now I don't work for the News. I work one floor up, at The Denver Post. The rivalry between those two newspapers has been long and sometimes bitter. You'd think the Post staff would have thrown a newsroom party at the news that we have, essentially, won the war.

You'd be wrong.

Post staffers are sad and worried. Sad because all the grunts who put out the Rocky each day -- the reporters, photographers, editors, designers, etc. -- will lose their jobs, and no one wants to see that happen. There's a respect, I think, for the Rocky staff. And we're worried because, well, But For the Grace of God Go Us. It could have easily been the Post on the rocks. We're not doing great financially -- few newspapers are -- but we dodged the bullet this time. We might not next time.

I really really hope that someone comes along and rescues the Rocky because those people on the fifth floor don't deserve to watch their hard work go under, and because competition between the Rocky and Post has made both papers better.

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