Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rejected but not dejected

I got a rejection letter in the mail today from a professional market, and I have to say it's the nicest rejection I've received so far. Without saying who sent it (although it was the editor), here's what it said:

Many thanks for submitting "Pale," but I'm afraid this one's not for me. I didn't connect with this SF western, alas. Thanks anyway for sending it my way, and best luck to you with this one.

The editor got the name of the story wrong. Beyond that, though, I'm hoping it wasn't just blowing smoke. It sounded to me like "Cowboy Jake and the Moon Men" is good (he sounded slightly regretful, even) but the story doesn't hit the bull's eye on what this particular editor is looking for. I'm going to send the story out again tomorrow with hopes for better luck with a different editor. And I'll try this market again when I feel I have a story worthy of it.

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