Friday, January 9, 2009

What I love about reading

I absolutely love the joy and excitement of discovering a new author. When I say new, I mean someone I have never read before, not necessarily someone who is publishing their debut novel (although sometimes it can mean that, too). I've had that experience this week. The author in question: Janet Evanovich.

Ms. Evanovich doesn't write in my comfort zone of fantasy and sci-fi. She writes romance and mystery and has done so for many years. Because I have a red-faced embarrassment about reading the former genre (that's just me, folks, I'm sure there are a zillion wonderful romance novels I'm missing out on), I picked up a novel of the latter genre.

"One for the Money" is the first in a long series. I read the first chapter online at Ms. Evanovich's website and what hit me more than anything is her writing style. She is conversational, quirky and witty. What she doesn't do is take herself seriously. The best comparison I can come up with is Robert Aspirin without the shameless punning.

So I'm hooked. I'm halfway through "One for the Money" and I'm sure will move on after to every other book in the series.

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