Saturday, February 14, 2009

The critiquing process

I have to take a moment here to rant. I hate, hate, hate getting my stories critiqued. From a logical standpoint, I know that if I sit on what's said for a few days, then come back for the rewrite, that I can fix the flaws and make the story better. From an emotional standpoint, it's like volunteering to stand naked in front of a firing squad.

I'm part of an online critique group, and I have a story up for bashing this week. I've received two critiques today -- one was extremely harsh and the other completely misread the intent of the story. It's almost enough to make me throw up my hands and throw the story in the paper shredder. However, I've received other critiques in the past week that have been positive for the most part. I guess not everyone has the same tastes or reads a story in the same way.

Sometimes I wonder whether my skin is thick enough for this writing thing.

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Tara Maya said...

I know how you feel. My first response to a crit is, "What is wrong with you for not getting how fabulous my story is?"

Next I want to explain, "No, see, the reason the candle was there instead of a bulb was because she had been thrown back in time after she ate the magic spagetti."

Finally, I grmble and consider if they are right.