Friday, June 26, 2009

The day after

I spent the morning not doing chores or working on my writing but on watching Michael Jackson videos. I felt nostalgic, remembering the first time my parents let me watch "Thriller" -- back when MTV aired it at specifics times of day and warned that the content might not be suitable for younger viewers. My youngest watched "Thriller" on YouTube this morning and afterward wanted to watch the "dancing monsters" over and over and over. So much for unsuitable material.

My latest short story is coming along nicely. And I'm about halfway through "Think Like a Dinosaur." What amazes me the most about Kelly's short story collection is that many of the pieces aren't solidly sci-fi. The supernatural or sci-fi angles are subtle and sometimes don't appear until the very end of the narrative. But these stories all have strong characters, which I love, no matter the genre.

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