Thursday, September 24, 2009

Time for some Humble Pie

I guess after two consecutive honorable mentions in the Writers of the Future contest, I have gotten a little big in the head. In my inexpert opinion, the story I submitted for last quarter is my best one. Because two stories of (again, in my opinion) inferior quality got HMs, I assumed this one would do just as well or better.


I have received an e-mail saying my story did not win. Oh well. It just goes to show that everyone has a different opinion on what's good. The amazing thing is that I'm not overly disappointed. Maybe that's because I already had the next market lined up, and so within a half-hour of receiving my rejection, "Cowboy Jake" was sent off into the slush once again.

WOTF update

The first list of honorable mentions for the third quarter is posted, and I am not on the list. That could be a really good sign, or a really bad one, or just that K.D. Wentworth hasn't gotten to my story yet. The only sure thing it means: more waiting, agonzing and hoping.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

More on WOTF

I've read online that Writers of the Future results will be posted tomorrow. No word on how many results or of what sort, but I'm going to guess it'll be the first set of honorable mentions. I'm hoping I'm not on the list, and here's why:

I sent in my story early in the quarter, which means under my (probably flawed) logic, if I'm going to get an honorable mention, it will be on the first list posted. But here's the thing: I don't want an HM. I'm crossing my fingers for semifinalist status. I've submitted enough times now that I'm of the viewpoint an HM is the nicest rejection in the industry (complete with a shiny certificate), but it's still a rejection. Maybe that means, when it comes to WOTF, I've crossed over from being giddy newcomer to jaded veteran.

Anyway, HM or higher or nothing at all, there's always next quarter. And the one after that, and the one after that ...

Monday, September 14, 2009


It's been awhile since I posted, but because as I'm probably the only person who reads my own blog (except for the occasional surfer who stumbles across it), that won't matter much in the greater scheme of things.

I put my Writers of the Future submission for this quarter in the mail this morning. This one went through so many revisions that for the first time, I have little to no feel for how good it is. I guess I'll find out in about three or four months when the contest results start coming in.

Meanwhile, results have not yet been posted for last quarter. I sent in my story in mid-May, so it has been almost exactly four months during which my curiosity has morphed into anxiety. I have entered two times previously and received honorable mentions both times. I think my third submission, "Cowboy Jake and the Moon Men," is the best story of the lot and I'm crossing my fingers for semifinalist status. The anxiety part comes from the fear that it won't place at all.

The book I'm reading now is "Elantris" by Brandon Sanderson. It's excellently written with great characterizations but is too slow in its pacing for my taste. I'm almost 100 pages in, and not much has happened yet.