Thursday, December 31, 2009

Resolution time!

First, the goals I set for 2009 and how I did on them:

1) Finish at least one short story every month. Well, I certainly didn't do this. I finished five stories (I think) this year.

2) Enter the Writers of the Future contest every quarter. Yes! Success! Two honorable mentions, one rejection and one TBA.

3) Submit stories! And when the rejections come back, resubmit. I definitely did this. In most instances, I had the next market lined up so that when the rejection rolled in, I could send the story back out the same day. Also, first sale!

4) Continue to do a lot of critiquing of others' work. Again, a success. I was part of several critique rounds this year and I hope learned a lot about writing (what works, what doesn't) in the process.

So three our of four isn't bad. Now, on with 2010:

1) Enter Writers of the Future every quarter. This is a goal I have to keep shooting for. I would love to say "Win WotF," but I have no control over what the judges will do. I just have to keep writing the best stories I can and putting them in the mail.

2) Get my stories critiqued but don't let the criticisms I receive make me rewrite the voice and individuality out of my work. I did this to myself a couple of times this past year, and it wasn't pretty.

3) Submit! Yes, I will keep writing stories and keep sending them to magazines, print and online, in the hopes of making more sales.

4) Most important: Write! You can't be a writer if you don't write. To help with this goal, I am now for the first time in possession of my very own laptop. That means I do not have to fight for time on the family computer, and when the volume level gets too loud in one part of the house, I can go elsewhere.