Sunday, January 10, 2010

Thoughts on what I read today

What I read today:
Pol Pot's Beautiful Daughter (fantasy) by Geoff Ryman
Distant Replay by Mike Resnick

Sometimes, after I finish with an actual, published short story in an actual, prestigious magazine, I wonder about my own attempts at writing. The stories I read today have very different styles but are both masterful. If this is the standard, I wonder if I might have as much luck trying to claw my way through a brick wall with my fingernails as I do of getting a story into, say, Asimov's or Fantasy and Science Fiction.

And yet, I keep writing. It's compulsive. I imagine stories, and I have to put them down on paper, if for no other reason, to keep them from taking up residence in my brain for all time. However, if anyone else is ever to read my stories, I need to improve my skill in how I put those stories onto paper. I suppose, if I continue to write, improvement will come all by itself.

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