Monday, September 13, 2010


This is a new and interesting (and exciting and stressful) experience for me:

I wrote a story. I had one ending in mind from the beginning but then couldn't figure out how to pull it off and so dropped Ending No. 1 in favor of Ending No. 2. I polished the story and sent it off on submission.

Jump forward 12 hours. The editor (or first reader, not sure) e-mailed to say she is frustrated because she likes the story but not the ending and wouldn't this work better? And behold! Her suggested ending is Ending No. 1. It's uncanny!

Cue the theme from "Mission: Impossible." I have 48 hours (which is the deadline for this market) to rewrite the story with Ending No. 1 and resubmit. For some, this might be panic time, but I thrive on deadlines. I'm a journalist, for God's sake. I can rewrite this story in two days. The question is whether I write a good story that wows the editor into buying it.

The clock is ticking.

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