Sunday, December 26, 2010

Stuff and fluff

I got a nice surprise this morning, when I saw that my hometown newspaper The Denver Post gave a positive review to "Six-Guns Straight From Hell." Here's what the review has to say: "There are too many good stories to single any out. Just try them all."

Also, I did some post-Christmas shopping with my family today. Everyone came home with something. My choice was a Blu-Ray movie for my brand spanking new Blu-Ray player. My DVD copy of Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" vanished a couple of years ago, so it is now replaced in better quality. Still on the to-buy list: an HDMI cord and a wireless router. The Blu-Ray player hooks directly into Netflix instant streaming with a wireless connection, so I'm going to make sure we have one. Of course, with instant streaming on the 32" television, I might not do anything else but watch old TV shows.

The default gift for me for Christmas seems to be books. Everyone in my family knows that if you can't think of anything else for Jennifer, get her a book and she'll be happy. This year I got three: "Pathfinder" by Orson Scott Card, the most recent "Writers of the Future" anthology and (courtesy of my children) a Doctor Who novelization. I still might see about buying a couple more I wanted but didn't get: Paolo Bacigalupi's "Pump Six and Other Stories" and James Van Pelt's "The Radio Magician and Other Stories." I'm all about the Colorado writers.

And last item: I watched the Doctor Who Christmas special last night, and it rocked. It was easily the most Christmasy Christmas special ever, and a clever twist on "A Christmas Carol." The only thing I might have changed would be to give Amy and Rory more screen time. I loved how the two of them came down from the starship's honeymoon suite dressed in the policewoman outfit and Roman garb. And in the preview for next season: River Song, the American West ("I wear a Stetson now. Stetsons are cool.") and an Ood. I'm psyched.

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