Sunday, January 2, 2011

First sentences for 2010

I saw Mary Robinette Kowal doing this on her blog, and I love the idea and decided to try it out. These are the first sentences posted to my blog every month for 2010. Granted, for a couple of months in there, I had only one post. I really should make an effort to post more often. Blogging is fun, gosh darn it!

-- When in college, I was required for a humanities course to read Virginia Woolf's "A Room of One's Own," her collection of essays about women and writing.
-- My second post is up today at Flash Fiction Chronicles.
-- I found out in an unusual way today that I had broken my two-quarter streak of rejections in the Writers of the Future contest.
-- I have a post up today at Flash Fiction Chronicles about the benefit writers can derive from a rejection.
-- I'm at the point in my WIP in which the good guy and the bad guy are about to face off, one on one, in a fight to the death.
-- I dug into the 2010 edition of "The Year's Best Science Fiction" anthology last night and came across a story I had critiqued almost two years ago.
-- About two years ago at the WorldCon in Denver, I watched a panel in which one of the writers (I don't remember who) was asked which of his stories/novels was his favorite.
-- Last night, I finished watching the BBC miniseries "Casanova," which was also broadcast by Masterpiece Theatre four years ago and is handily available on DVD at my local library.
-- This is a new and interesting (and exciting and stressful) experience for me:
-- This is amazing: Two weeks after receiving word of my acceptance into "Six Guns Straight From Hell," the anthology is available for purchase on Amazon.
-- Some happy news I received on Thanksgiving Day: My science fiction romance story "Grounded" will appear in the February issue of the magazine Sounds of the Night.
-- I'm happy to share the news of another sale.

Things I noticed after reading the list: I am big on pushing my publications (of which most came at the start and end of the year) and I also seem quite fond of colons.

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