Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Writers of the Future

Another Writers of the Future quarter, another honorable mention.

I got the news last night by e-mail. That makes five HMs in eight straight quarters of entering. Sometimes I look at that tally proudly because only the top 10 percent of stories each quarter earn the HM distinction. Sometimes I look at it and want to pull my hair out because, no matter what I do, I can't seem to break into the semi-finalist or finalist catagories.

And then, a couple of days ago, a Q&A was posted at the WotF forum with Kristine Kathryn Rusch, who was asked what a chronic HMer could do to move up to the next level. Her answer: You can't. She says once you're writing HM stories, you're good. You're just not to the presiding judge's taste. Which makes me wonder whether my writing style and Kathy Wentworth's tastes are simply, in a word, incompatible.

If that's the case, I will continue to enter ever quarter like clockwork. The benefits of winning are too good not to try, and one of these days, I might get lucky. Or I might pro-out first. You never know.


C.L. Holland said...

Hi Jennifer.

I found your blog through your comment on "And a Cup of Good Cheer". Thanks for your kind words, I'm glad you liked it.

I don't know how much of the forum-musings about Writers of the Future you've picked up (probably most of them, since you're getting HMs!), but I won in 2008, went to the workshop in 2009, and K.D. told us that she prefers "squishy character stories" (her words). I don't know if this helps at all. :)


Jennifer Campbell-Hicks said...

Squishy character stories, huh? That's an interesting description that applies to probably 10% of what I write. I tend more toward action than squishiness. Thanks for the tip, Cheryl!