Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bits and pieces

It's two hours to Oscar time. My ballot is filled out. I'm ready to start criticizing the stars' fashion on the red carpet. I'm also at work and supposed to be editing news articles. It should be interesting trying to balance the two.

When I walked out the door to work, my husband was busy assembling one of the two little-kid-sized soccer goals he bought this afternoon. We are co-coaches of our son's soccer team, and practice for the spring season starts next week. The park at which we will hold practice does not have a soccer field. This is not unusual in Arvada, as none of the parks has a soccer field. In past seasons, we have made do with cones, but not this year. We're going to cart our own goals out there to give the kids something to shoot at.

I need to order a replacement exterior door for the rental house and have it delivered for our handy tenants to install. It's awesome to have people living in our house who are good with tools and don't mind using them. However, if I order a basic steel door on the Lowe's website, delivery is $79. That's about half the cost of the door itself, for a three-mile trip from the store to the house. Talk about sticker shock. I'm going to have to think about this for a day or two and see if I can come up with an alternative way of getting the door delivered. It's hard when I live several hundred miles away and don't know anyone there with a truck.

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