Monday, February 21, 2011

Is Firefly coming back?

There seems to be some confusion over what is going on with Joss Whedon's cult favorite, so here is my take. The Science Channel will rerun the complete series of "Firefly" with segments from physicist Dr. Michio Kaku (host of Sci Fi Science) about the science in each episode. There will be no new episodes. There is no reboot.

Don't get me wrong: I love "Firefly." I watched the show when it aired on Fox, I own the DVDs and I've met several of the actors at conventions with the autographs to prove it. One of my favorite con mementos is a photo of me, my sister and Nathan Fillion getting chummy.

The confusion started last week when Captain Tightpants got hypothetical with an Entertainment Weekly reporter and said "if I won the California lottery ..." he would buy the rights to "Firefly" and reboot the series, possibly online. Also, he would like to play Mal again. Now he is probably wishing he had kept his mouth shut because the die-hard fan base has taken his off-hand comment seriously. Fans have started a website and a Facebook campaign to raise funds for Nathan to buy "Firefly." Whoops.

Entertainment Weekly has gone into damage-control mode and posted about how unlikely it would be for 20th Century Fox to sell the rights. Not only that, Whedon, the actors, the writers and others involved in the making of the show are working on other projects.

Everyone loves a daydream, and that's what the hope of rebooting "Firefly" is. Best-care scenario might be a miniseries or made-for-TV movie, and I seriously doubt even that would happen. I loved every minute of the show and the movie, and I eagerly buy the Dark Hose comics. However, I've come to accept that after almost 10 years off the air, this show is not going to come back. I humbly advise the fans to do what the actors and production crew have done: Love what was, but move on.

(Edited to add: For those who want to watch the Science Channel airings of Firefly, they start March 6.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for clarifying for everyone

Anonymous said...

man thanks for making it clear to bad thou it would have made my dad so happy

Anonymous said...

would be nice if they did bring it back. I'm happy to see people out there know the facts, it being off the air for almost 10 years, yet still try to have it back. I just learned of firefly on science channel no more than a week ago. I'm already through the movie & 14 episodes. If they market it well enough again with advertisements, the ratings would be insane.

Anonymous said...

No matter how impossible/improbable it is, us die-hard fans will always push for a reboot of "The Best Sci-Fi Series To Ever Grace Television". Mostly because of the 'die-hard' part ^_*.

But I am with ya. If they brought it back, advertised it at all, and showed the episodes in the proper order... I would say at least 70-85% of the planet would be watching it.

And the other 15-30% would be hatin' on the show and it's actors. ^.^