Monday, February 14, 2011

The King's Speech

I saw "The King's Speech" yesterday with my sister and dad, in a packed theater. As happens quite often these days when I sit down to the sensory overload of a movie theater, I walked out with a migraine. However, the movie was sublime.

Here's the question: Is it really as good as its growing pile of awards would have you believe, or is it overhyped a la "Avatar" or "Titanic"? Time and staying power will be the best indicators of that. With less than 24 hours between me and my viewing, I would say it falls somewhere between the two extremes. I'm not sure it's the best movie I've seen from 2010; "Toy Story 3" still holds that honor for me. But the Academy isn't going to give Best Picture to animated fare, and "The King's Speech" is a worthy winner. The story is uplifting and epic. The acting, writing and editing are excellent.

I have not seen any of the other performances nominated for best actor. Even so, it's probably a safe bet to say Colin Firth deserves any and all awards heaped upon him. Helena Bonham Carter and Geoffrey Rush are equally good, but their roles are not as showcase as Firth's.

Will the "The King's Speech" win best picture? I've watched five of the nominees so far and out of those, I say yes.

Next up: "The Social Network," assuming I can get around the "long wait" Netflix tells me is associated with that disc.

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