Saturday, February 12, 2011

More on rejection

I love this post.

What Misty Massey says so perfectly about rejection is what I tried to say a few weeks ago. Writing is a tough business. The rejections aren't personal, but they sure can feel that way. And it is easier to give up rather than go through the painful process of growing a thicker skin.

Like the unnamed writer in Misty's post, I quit writing when I received my first rejection. You can read the details here. I regret putting my writing on pause for a decade; that is so many years in which I could have been learning the craft and improving my skills. Imagine how much farther along in experience and sales I would be if I had been writing all that time.

Anyway, the more I learn about the publishing business, the more I come to understand that rejection is the rule rather than the exception. And those who succeed are the ones who, after every setback, strap on their battered armor and go "once more into the breach."

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