Thursday, February 10, 2011

No time to write

Sorry for the silence on the blog the past couple of days. I spent my days off on the phone and e-mail lining up repairs for the rental house, which left no time for blogging, writing or pretty much anything else.

Turns out we can replace two small busted panes of glass in the door that leads from the garage to the backyard for $150, or we can replace the whole damn door for $30 or $40 more. One of my sons busted out the glass with his fist a few years ago; he meant to knock really hard and ... well, next thing you know, we were in the emergency room. The dog also did some damage by scratching up the area around the pet door, which is why I would seriously consider replacing the whole thing. Replace the glass, and the dog damage remains.

So, as illustrated by the above comments, my mind has been focused away from writing the past few days. I did find time to polish a story and send it to my critique group, and I wrote up a critique for a fellow writer. But I have written no new material this week. I plan to fix that tonight after work. The goal is to spend an hour or two pounding away at a short story that so far is only about 1,500 long.

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