Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Today, I am focused on a rewrite. The story is suffering from a couple of weak points: not enough emphasis on the motivations of the viewpoint character, and a tendency toward info dumps. I think I've come up with a way to solve both problems with the introduction of another character.

Right now, this story has two characters who are antagonists, one hunting down the other. Their not-so-friendly relationship makes it difficult for them to have a conversation that conveniently imparts information to the reader, which has boxed me into parsing out information in other ways that aren't quite working.

Hence, I'm introducing a "partner" character for my bounty-hunting hero. She will act as a foil for my main character, so as to put more emphasis on his motivations. And a conversation between the two will allow me to give out info without an info dump. The key is to give her as much depth as my other two characters, even though she won't be "on screen" for long.

Now, back to the writing.

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