Friday, February 11, 2011

Tiny puzzle master

My daughter loves doing puzzles. I'm not talking about the simple, five-piece puzzles you would usually give to a preschooler, but 48-piece jigsaw puzzles. Her favorite one comes together into a prehistoric landscape populated with dinosaurs.

I tried to teach her the most efficient way to do a jigsaw puzzle: put together the edge pieces first and then fill in the middle. She didn't like that method and came up with her own. She sets down one piece, then picks up the next one and sees whether it fits with the first piece. If it doesn't, she sets it aside and repeats with the next piece, and so on through the whole box. After she's gone through every piece, she has five to 10 put together. She starts into the pile once again, piece by piece, and so on until the puzzle is done.

This method isn't the fastest way to complete a puzzle, but it is simple and surprisingly organized for a 3-year-old. The thing that impresses me the most is that she figured out how to do this all on her own.

Bits and pieces:
-- I wrote a few hundred words of new material today. Yeah for progress.
-- My dad, sister and I had planned to see "The King's Speech" last weekend, but an untimely snowstorm scuttled our plans. With no snow in the forecast this weekend -- in fact, we're expecting to reach 60 degrees -- we hope to make it to the theater this time.

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