Saturday, February 5, 2011

Withholding info

I watched the movie "Salt" last night. I enjoyed the action sequences and the fact that it's about a woman kicking ass. I did not like how the script was written. (Warning: spoilers ahead.)

The plot is based around the withholding of information: Is Salt an evil Russian assassin bent on starting World War III, or is she faking her bad deeds to get inside the Bad Guy Organization and take it down? You don't find out the answer until the last 15 minutes. I've been taught (and generally agree with this) that the reader/watcher should know everything that the main character does and real suspense stems from finding out whether that character can achieve his/her goals. Salt obviously knows her own intentions and plan, but we the audience do not. I very much dislike that.

Bits and pieces:

-- I've done very little on the writing front the past two days. I have to get my butt in gear tonight to finish a rewrite and do a critique.

-- It looks as though the house that my husband and I own in North Carolina might soon have occupants. We put this house on the market three years ago, right when the market collapsed. We have been pouring thousands of dollars a year into its black hole ever since. However, a couple with a young daughter and a dog are filling out a rental application today and indicate that they want to buy the house when they get their credit in order. Hallelujah.

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