Monday, March 14, 2011

Another milestone

This morning, my little blog hit 2,000 views. The first 1,000 came between August 2008 and January of this year - 29 months. The second 1,000 came in less than two months. That is what comes of posting almost every day, and writing about a subject people are interested in. (Not my writing efforts, but a little television show called Firefly.)

In other news:
  • I picked up "The Girl Who Played With Fire" at my local library yesterday. I'm only 25 pages into it so far. It picks up just about where "Dragon Tattoo" left off, and the prologue is all about more extreme violence toward women. Here I was hoping Steig Larsson had gotten that out of his system in the first book.
  • I watched "The Town" a couple nights ago. It's an engrossing story about the aftermath of a bank robbery. Good stuff. I recommend it.
  • Today, I have the day job to attend to, and also some errands and housecleaning. I hope to also have time to do some writing, which I have neglected for too many days.

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