Friday, March 18, 2011

The new Wonder Woman

The first photograph of the new Wonder Woman has been released. Check out the reader comments and you'll find most people are hating on her new look. The consensus: Adrienne Palicki's costume looks like a cheap Halloween getup. I have to agree.

I've mentioned before my love for all things Wonder Woman. But I don't know what to make of this television reboot from David E Kelley, and the costume is not lessening my wariness. Wonder Woman, like Superman, tends toward the cheesier side of the superhero spectrum. I love me some cheese. Lynda Carter's take on the Amazon princess was fantastic for its era. But today's television watchers expect more realism in their fantasy. Compounding the problem is that a recent attempt at a superhero show, "The Cape," was canceled after half a season, and the one before that, "Heroes," got mired in slow, boring plots and lost its audience in the process.

But is this the way to go for Wonder Woman? I think not. It's a conundrum.

In other news:
Every three months at my place of employment, all the new release books we get from publishers are put on sale for a huge discount. (Sale money goes to charity, I believe.) The only books I buy nowadays are at The Denver Post's quarterly book sale. But today, my haul was not so great. I was hunting for one of the annual best-of collections for science fiction and fantasy, but I found none. I picked up Joe Halderman's "Starbound" (even though I haven't read the prequel) and "Hellhole" by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson. Plus, I got several kids books and Roger Ebert's 2010 movie guide for my dad. Total spent: $18.

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