Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thoughts on "Glee"

On "Glee" tonight, the New Directions went to their regional competition, with the winner going onto nationals in New York. I don't think it's much of a surprise who won. The interesting part was that for the first time, this show that has become a gold mine for selling covers on iTunes did three original songs.

The primary storyline for the episode really resonated for me, as a writer. It revolved around the glee kids struggling to write original music. Most of what they came up was horrible. Rachel sang about being an only child (which was better than her first attempt, a song about her headband). Santana sang about Sam's huge lips. Puck sang about Lauren's "Big Ass Heart." They struggled. They wrote and threw out what they wrote and tried again. Eventually, they came up with three catchy songs that didn't suck. (Although in real life, I believe professional songwriters penned those tunes.)

Of course, it's not realistic for a bunch of high school kids to go from singing about "froggy lips" to those catchy songs they performed at regionals in the span of a week, anymore than I am going to pound out a Hugo winner on my next story. The learning curve is long and difficult. However, I did like watching the New Directions' efforts go from trash to terrific. It's what every writer hopes to do.

(In a sidenote, my favorite performance of the episode was not any of the original songs. It was Kurt singing "Blackbird.")

Want to listen: Here's "Loser Like Me."

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