Sunday, March 27, 2011

Writing progress

The first draft of the WIP is finished, coming in at about 6,000 words. I found when writing the bittersweet resolution that everyone had abandoned my viewpoint character, Maggie, and that was not going to work. Maggie needed someone to help pick up the pieces and to leave the reader with a sense that she was going to be all right. So the last few lines are now a conversation between Maggie and her best friend. Then I went back to the beginning and wrote the best friend into the story at several points, mostly in passing references but also one conversation between the two characters.

Today in real life: Grocery shopping, played with the kids, washed clothes and dishes, and vegged while watching Mythbusters try to blow out some windows with exploding popcorn kernels. (It didn't work.) Now I'm at the day job.

Bits and pieces:

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