Sunday, April 17, 2011

Casting the movie version

Having recently finished both "The Girl Who Played With Fire" and "Water For Elephants" -- two books that will appear on film sooner (Elephants) or later (Fire) -- I've been thinking about how a movie version affects my reading of the book its based on. For me, this mostly involves casting.

I know Daniel Craig will play Mikael Blomkvist in the American film versions of the Millennium trilogy books. I knew this before I started reading "Dragon Tattoo." As a result, in my mind's eye, Blomkvist has from day one been Daniel Craig, with the blond hair, muscular physique and steely blue eyes. (On a side note, I was pleased to find out that in Craig's upcoming "Cowboys and Aliens," some other writer thought Jake was a good name for a cowboy who hangs out with extraterrestrials.)

I listened to the audiobook of "Water for Elephants." In the movie version being released in theaters next weekend, Reese Witherspoon plays Marlena, and so that is who I saw while listening along (despite the falsetto dialogue provided by the male reader). However, I did not see Robert Pattinson. The reader (I can't find his name right now) sounded to me just like actor Jonathan M. Woodward, who was a go-to guest star for Joss Whedon a few years ago. So for me, young Jacob is Jonathan Woodword. It's funny how the mind will make those kinds of associations.

Today in writing: I got about 300 words written last night. More importantly, I finally realized why I was having so much trouble sorting out the plot of this story: no villain. Thankfully, there's an obvious choice for the job. I think with this puzzle piece fit into place, I will fly through the rest of the first draft.

Tonight on television: Two things I want to watch but only one that I can. "Game of Thrones" is on HBO, which I don't subscribe to. And "The Fall of Sam Axe" is on USA. I love me some Bruce Campbell. Also, for those keeping up with it, Science Channel is airing the "Firefly" episode "Out of Gas," which is absolutely brilliant.

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