Sunday, April 3, 2011

Snowy day

Today in real life: It snowed. Yesterday, we had a record high of 84 degrees, and today we have an inch of white on the ground. Denver weather is nuts. Other than that, just normal stuff to report: grocery shopping, playing with my kids, house cleaning, reading. I have finished "The Girl Who Played With Fire" (more on that some other time) and have started a biography of Annie Oakley, who will likely be the viewpoint character in my next story.

Today in writing: Nada. Although I'm closer to formulating what the next story is going to be. I'll probably start writing next week. I'm also doing some hard thinking on the first revision of my next Writers of the Future entry.

Bits and pieces:
  • Tonight on Firefly is "Our Mrs. Reynolds," which is one of my favorite episodes. It's the first of two episodes with Christina Hendricks (before Mad Men).
  • Lots of Doctor Who news last week. The highlight: Matt Smith has signed on to play the Doctor for a third season.
  • Opening night for Charlie Sheen's live show is definitely not "winning."

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