Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bits and pieces

The day in a nutshell:

My husband and I dropped $200 on new glasses for our son this morning. The frames are pretty much childproof. You can bend them in any conceivable way and they won't break. At least, if he were going to break them, he would have to try really, really hard. In the long run, this will save us money in replacement costs. I hope.

We Americans do not get a new Doctor Who tonight because BBC America is showing an all-day Memorial Day marathon instead. This will put us behind those lucky Brits for the next two weeks, until the mid-season finale airs. After that, no more Who until fall. At least we'll have Torchwood to tide us over.

Speaking of Torchwood, star John Barrowman promises that Captain Jack's sexuality won't be watered down for American audiences. Well, duh. The new series is on Starz. If anything, they'll make it racier.

Writing progress: Not a damn word written last night. Instead, I watched "The King's Speech." With my heavy focus on writing, I've basically done no reading for the past week. And with no reading, my fount of creativity is running a bit dry. Time to replenish. If I get any writing done tonight, great - but mostly I'm going to be digging into my science-fiction/fantasy anthologies for inspiration.

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