Saturday, May 7, 2011

Comics, horses and snow drops

Today in real life: Free Comic Book Day! Get over to the nearest comic book store and check out the offerings. I took my two youngest kids to the local shop this morning (which had a storm trooper and Thor hanging out in front). Lots of fun.

It's also Derby Day! I know nothing about horse racing. The Triple Crown races are the only ones I watch, and I pick my horse based on name coolness factor and betting odds. This year, I'm going with Midnight Interlude, with Santiva as my second pick. (Edited to add: Boy did I get it wrong. Among 19 horses, Midnight Interlude finished 16th.)

I also dragged my family out of bed at 7:45 a.m. to go have breakfast with my grandparents, who are in town for the wedding of my mother's cousin's daughter. The kids were good, except that they're both still mildly sick, and my 7-year-old hasn't figured out that (a) tissues are for blowing noses and not holding to your face all day and (b) you do not put the tissues in your mouth when you're done with them. Gross, yeah. But keep in mind there are some developmental issues at play there.

And, lastly, I discovered this morning that the bulbs in my front yard flowerbed, which I left intact after cleaning out all the dead growth and weeds, are snow drops. This makes me happy because I planted many snow-drop bulbs in my garden in North Carolina and then moved to Denver before they came up. I never got to see them. Now it feels like they followed me here.

Today in writing: With so much going on, no writing done today or last night (because I went to bed early due to the expected early start this morning). So, the plan after work is to finish my first draft (after I watch the new Doctor Who).

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