Saturday, May 21, 2011

The end is near ... nevermind

It's a great day for the world, folks, because it appears it's not going to end. At least not today. I'm amazed at how any nutball can stand on a street corner spouting off that "The end is near!" and everyone ignores him/her, but give that nutball a microphone and a few million dollars and suddenly you have a huge media event. I wonder what it is about such predictions that captures people's attention and imagination. I have to admit that even though I knew, logically, that the whole thing was a load of hooey, there was a tiny back corner of me that wanted to stay awake last night until New Zealand hit 6 p.m. - just to be sure.

Those nice folks at SF Signal included "Malfunction" in their weekly free fiction feature. It's a little stupid, but I felt a thrill to see my story listed alongside those of many professional writers. I've also been psyched about the positive response the story has received on the Ray Gun Revival site this week.

Writing progress:
Last night: about 600 words
Running total: 1,500

Parting thought for the day: As parent with one child who still won't go to sleep when it's bedtime, I unequivocally want this book. Even the back cover copy had me rolling.

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