Thursday, May 19, 2011

Too cold for May

Today in real life: It's raining again, which makes it the third rainy day in a row. Because of that, I likely won't go for a run. This has been a sedentary week for me. I'm also back at work tonight after a three-day weekend, which isn't as nice as it sounds because one of those days was furlough. My company requires seven furlough days per year. Some people take them all at once. I spread them out. Anyway, I suppose in the current economic climate (especially for newspapers), I should just be glad I have a job.

Today in writing: I spent Monday and Tuesday doing world-building and character development work. Last night, I started writing the story itself and cranked out 350 words. That doesn't sound like much, but those first few paragraphs are tough to write. There's a lot to think about in the hook. Am I starting the story in the right place? Is it compelling enough to draw in a reader? Most readers, if you can persuade them to read past the first page, will go on to finish the story. Those first 13 lines are critical. My goal now is 500 words per day until it's finished.

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