Friday, May 20, 2011

Writing progress

Finally the rain has cleared (at least until the afternoon thunderstorms roll in), and my wrists are thankful for it. Three days of damp has made my joints ache and throb. This is mostly due to an injury I sustained playing soccer 21 years ago because heaven knows I'm not old enough yet for my body to be falling apart.

Despite my difficulty even clicking a mouse button yesterday, I still managed to write 500 words on my not-yet-titled Writers of the Future entry. I'm pretty happy with the opening scene, which sets up the protagonist, plot, theme, and external and internal conflicts, all in a svelte 866 words. My goal is to reach 2,000 words by Sunday, assuming the world doesn't end tomorrow.

Last note: Today was my son's field day. My daughter and I went over to the school about 10:30 a.m. to find the last couple of classes were finishing up and going inside. It wasn't supposed to end until 11:30, but we ended up missing the whole thing. That pisses me off a bit. I'm mad at myself for not getting out there earlier and mad at the school for sending out e-mails to parents with an incorrect schedule. Good going, School.

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