Thursday, May 5, 2011

Yeah for spring, boo for germs

Today in real life: Spring has finally sprung here in Colorado, and I celebrated the beautiful day by spreading new mulch in the front-yard flower beds. (There aren't any flowers there yet, though. It's a dirt patch with aspirations of being a flower bed.) Two of my three children are sick with colds, which isn't fun but beats the bronchitis that my niece and sister are battling. As for me, I'm washing my hands about every 15 minutes in an attempt to avoid all the germs that are circulating in the family right now.

Today in writing: 200 words this morning, on top of 1,000 words over Tuesday and Wednesday. The work-in-progress is at 4,400 words total and close to being finished. Submission is due May 15. Why do I always cut it so close? It must have something to do with my journalism training and doing my best work on a tight deadline.

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