Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cover art and other things

Writing progress: 500 words last night and another 500 this morning. I'm closing in on "the end," which is good because the submission deadline is two weeks from today. I had spent the weekend making some small revisions that made a huge difference in the story's climax. Pre-revisions, I was stuck, unable to keep writing because I had no idea what came next. Post-revisions, the plot is flying along at a breakneck pace.

Real world: My oldest son is now in Virginia, where he'll be spending the summer with his biological mother and her family. The house feels empty without him. To distract from the emptiness, my husband and I took our two youngest ones on a mountain hike yesterday. Little legs tire out fast, though, so we went probably a total of two miles. Then we went out for ice cream.

Last, I get to share this: the cover art for the upcoming weird West anthology Showdown at Midnight, which will include my story "The Great Ghost Train Robbery." You can find out more about the anthology and the other contributors right here.

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