Saturday, June 4, 2011

Random thoughts for today

Writing progress: After big writing sessions the past two nights, I'm up to a total of 7,200 words. I've reached the end of the second "act" and am heading into the climax.

Other stuff: New Doctor Who tonight. Whoo! It's been a long two weeks waiting for the conclusion of the two-parter that the Brits got to watch last week. But after tonight, those Brits will be going bonkers over the mid-season finale, which we Americans won't see until next Saturday. I will spend the week avoiding spoilers on the true identity of River Song (although I have some ideas on that front ...).

I put a bunch of bedding plants in my front-yard flower bed a few days ago - snapdragons, sweet Williams and pansies. They're all doing well (i.e. still alive) except for three or four of the snapdragons that are wilting for no reason I can fathom. It might have something to do with a neighborhood cat who thinks my flower bed makes for a great litter box. If the cat is doing her business on my snapdragons, I can see why those plants would decide life wasn't worth living.

I love Netflix, but sometimes it can also annoy me. Case in point, their recent tendency to not make certain movies and television shows available until a month after their release. I don't get HBO, which means I don't get True Blood. I watch this show in a marathon sitting once every spring when the DVDs come out. It's nice to not deal with weekly cliffhangers, but I'm also a year behind most viewers. Now my wait for season 3 has been extended another month thanks to Netflix' asinine delay. I could go buy the box set, but I would probably only watch it once. Not the best of investments.

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