Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy Friday

Writing progress: I have written and tossed out three possible beginnings to a new story. I would write a few hundred words, sleep on it and reread it the next morning to find that the attempt had fallen flat. I have thrown out probably close to 1,500 words this week. The fourth beginning, which I wrote yesterday morning, is the one I will keep. Why? I've found a good voice for the protagonist, and it's the first opening that I've been excited to continue.

Bits and pieces:
  • The finalists for Writers of the Future quarter 2 have been announced. I'm rooting for Nick Tchan, who is a trusted critique partner and a good friend.
  • Torchwood episode 2 is tonight, and I'm crossing my fingers Starz puts it online.
  • Fans who were outraged by the death of Sean Bean's character on Game of Thrones were oblivious on two fronts. (a) The character died 15 years ago when George R.R. Martin wrote the book and (b) Sean Bean's character always dies. (Richard Sharpe and a few others excepted.) Want proof? Go watch the Sean Bean Death Reel. It's funny and sick all at the same time.

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