Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's official

I was debating whether to write up this post now or in a couple weeks when the results are made public. Obviously I decided to do it now. I have received confirmation from the administrator for Writers of the Future that I am indeed a semi-finalist for Quarter 2. The previous notification went out too early but was accurate. I am relieved. I'm assuming at this point, my fellow semi-finalists and the finalist know who they are. Congratulations to all.

In other writing news, I started a new story this morning. I'll decide later, when it's done and I've shown it to a few people, whether this will be my WotF submission for Quarter 4. Here's hoping it turns out well.

(Edited to add: The full list of finalists, semi-finalists, silver honorable mentions and honorable mentions is now posted to the Writers of the Future website. Congrats to all.)

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Grayson said...

Congratulations, Jennifer! That's wonderful!