Thursday, July 7, 2011

Progress report

Writing progress: I have not done any writing in the past week, but that doesn't mean I haven't been working. I spent a lot of time last night lying on my bed, listening to the rainstorm outside my window, and thinking. I'm close to having the premise of my next project worked out. After that will come a few days of intensive work on character- and world-building. Then I can get with the writing part of the process.

In real life: The kids are in swim lessons this week. My son was placed in an fairly advanced class - as in, he has to have the basics down - and then was told two days into the class that he does not have the necessary skills and was being bumped down to a lower level. It's hard being given something and then having it taken away. I feel for him. He wanted to quit, but we had a talk about how in quitting, the only person he would hurt is himself. Today we were back at the pool, with my son in his new class, and he worked hard. I'm proud of him.

Bits and pieces:
  • I've been looking forward to tomorrow's premiere of Torchwood for weeks. Today I found out Starz will not make the series available through Netflix for 90 days. I'm a little upset over that.
  • I've finished reading the most recent Writers of the Future anthology. It's a strong collection. There was only one story I did not enjoy. Also, Patrick O'Sullivan's "Maddy Dune's First and Only Spelling Bee" is now one of my all-time favorite contest winners. Now I'm reading Carrie Vaughn's "After the Golden Age," which reminds me quite a lot of "The Incredibles."

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