Friday, July 1, 2011

Taking stock on 2011 so far

We're now at the midway point of 2011, so I thought this would be a good time to look at how well I am sticking to the resolutions I made six months ago and writing progress (or lack thereof) in general:

1. Write more. In 2010, I wrote about 45,000 words and finished seven stories. My goals for this year was to finish two stories every three months. I have written about 26,000 words in the past three months (granted, I tossed 16,000 of those words) and probably 15,000 the quarter before that. So already I've almost matched my entire word-count total for 2010. I finished one publishable story in the first quarter and two in the second quarter.

2. Submit more. I had 20 submissions total last year. This year, so far: 16 submissions, most to professional markets. So, good progress there.

3. Read outside my comfort genres. This is where I've fallen down so far this year. I haven't done as much reading in any genre as I would like. This is because I have a limited number of hours for activities outside work and family, and most of those have gone to writing, not reading.

That sums up the writing resolutions. I'll add to this that I've had two sales in the first half of 2011, to Ray Gun Revival and the Showdown at Midnight anthology, and one reprint in the Best of Every Day Fiction 3 anthology. In the past two quarters for Writers of the Future, I have logged a silver honorable mention and a semi-finalist.

All in all, it has a good first half of the year. In the three years since I decided to start writing original fiction, sometimes it has seemed as futile as beating my head against a wall. However, I think I am starting to see some cracks in the plaster.

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