Friday, August 5, 2011

Chicken soup for the writer

I've never heard of C.J. Redwine before today, when I followed a link to her blog and read about her journey to selling her first book. I could not have stumbled across this post at a better time.

She says she watched others make big sales for two years and, although she was happy for them, she was down on herself for not being able to do the same. This hit home for me because some people around me have made some great sales recently, and although I am ecstatically happy for them, I've held a couple of pity parties for myself. Yeah, there, I admit it. So, here's what C.J. had to say that made me feel a little bit better:
It was that I felt like I was missing something crucial. Overlooking some important ingredient that would transform me from the girl who couldn't sell a book to one who finally had a contract. Guess what? There IS a secret ingredient. It's called sweat. Perseverance. Sheer undiluted stubbornness.

... There are no little people. There are only different places along the path. ... Please don't look at the good news in my life (or in other's) and devalue your own talent, your chances, or your experiences. There are no inner sanctums out of your reach. There isn't a finite number of contracts. You aren't one step closer to missing your chance. If you want to take anything away from my own experience, take this: I'm just a girl who kept writing.

Awesome. And congrats to C.J. Redwine.

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