Monday, August 22, 2011


In writing: I spent the morning eliminating as many cliches as I could find in my work-in-progress. Cliches slip in without my even noticing, which means my first drafts are often rife with them. There's always a fresher, more specific way to write something. Some of the ones I caught this morning:
  • Her mind was racing
  • Bit back a reply
  • His eyes glazed over
  • Take the fall
  • Swallow her pride
  • Circled like vultures

In real life: The kids start back to school this week. One of my sons had his first day of second grade today. He came bounding out of his classroom this afternoon with a huge smile, so I guess things went well. Tomorrow is the first day for my 10th-grader and preschooler. For me, the school year means more uninterrupted time for writing and running. On the downside, I will see my kids a lot less over the next few months because they get out of school about the same time I leave for work.

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Madison Woods said...

I have a lot of cliches that need busting, too. They're so ubiquitous I hardly notice them until someone points them out, so it's hard, but I've not read through specifically looking for them so I'll try that next time.

We both have 10th graders, but mine's the youngest and the only one left at home so I have a little more time to write than I have over the past many years. Now if I could just ditch the day job.