Friday, August 26, 2011

Hello, Irene

As I'm writing this, Hurricane Irene is beginning its weekend assault on the East Coast. You'd think someone who lives in Colorado wouldn't care so much about a hurricane beyond general interest in national news. However, my husband and I own a rental house in Erwin, N.C., which is along the Interstate 95 corridor and at risk of getting hammered. We have gone through a couple other category 2 storms in recent years without damage. My hope is for a similar result this time. I also have friends, family and former work colleagues whom I hope will stay safe.

Writing progress: Not much because my laptop is in the shop. I did play around with a different opening to my work-in-progress in the old-fashion way, with pen and paper. I'm not sure whether I'm satisfied with what I have yet.

And, last but not least, Doctor Who returns tomorrow night with "Let's Kill Hitler," and I will resume with my posts on each new episode this Sunday.

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