Friday, September 2, 2011

Labor Day weekend

Two events start today, one of which I wish I was at and the other I wish would go away.

The good one: DragonCon. My sister and I have gone about 10 times to this geekfest in Atlanta, but neither of us are in a good enough financial spot right now to afford the plane tickets, hotel and food. Maybe next year. I hope.

The bad one: The Taste of Colorado. This annual festival attracts hundreds of thousands of people to Civic Center in downtown Denver for four days of food and fun. Unfortunately, Civic Center is right across the street from my work building. Yes, there is an access lane to get to my building's parking garage, but it's a maze of twists and turns and festival workers who want to check that you're actually supposed to be there. It's a huge hassle.

So instead of television stars, crazy costumes and four days of geeky bliss, I am dealing with downtown Denver traffic. Lucky me.

Writing progress: I am still pounding away at the same story I've been pounding away at for weeks. But, bit by bit, it is getting better.

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