Thursday, September 1, 2011

Writers of the Future, quarter 3

After a couple of better-than-expected quarters in Writers of the Future, I'm back to my old familiar home on the honorable mentions list.

I did not know how this story would rank. I wrote it in a week with no time for critiquing or revisions. I think it's quite good except for the last page, where I flub the ending. The question was how much that flub would count against the story, and now I know. After I finish my quarter 4 entry, I will rewrite the ending of this one and send it out on submission elsewhere.

So, the tally in 11 consecutive quarters of entering the Writers of the Future contest:
  • 1 semi-finalist
  • 1 silver honorable mention
  • 6 honorable mentions
  • 3 straight rejections

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