Friday, October 14, 2011

It's a matter of priorities

I've been procrastinating on finishing my work-in-progress, even though I have only one scene left to write (and a short scene at that). Every day I say to myself, I have to finish that story. Then I don't. And that has me thinking about my priorities, which go something like this:

1. Family. Anything important that concerns my husband and children (and to a slightly lesser extent my parents, sisters, nieces and nephew) trumps all other concerns, every time.

2. Day job. I need to put food on the table, which means the 40 hours a week I spend in the newsroom comes before everything except family emergencies.

3. Household duties. When the pantry is bare or the laundry is piling up, I take care of those concerns before the things I'd rather be doing, which are ...

4. Writing. I try to find time to write every day, but I don't always succeed in that thanks to Nos. 1-3 on the list.

5. Exercise. This is interchangeable with No. 4. I like to work out for at least a half-hour every day. Sometimes when I have only half an hour to spare in my schedule, this will trump writing. Sometimes not.

That is why, in a busy week, I don't do any writing. This week I've dealt with multiple medical appointments for my children, a parent-teacher conference, a night out with my husband (this is a good distraction, though), a full work week and a long list of chores and errands. Despite all this, I will finish the WIP this weekend. I'm making that one of my highest priorities.

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