Sunday, November 27, 2011

Writing progress

November has been an unproductive month for me in writing. I took my Writers of the Future rejection really hard - harder than any rejection I've ever received - and it stole all the wind from my sails. As a result, I've managed to almost finish one short story this month. It's been a slog, not because of the story itself (which I think will turn out quite good) but because writing itself has lately become a chore rather than a fun activity.

Last night, I figured out how the work-in-progress needs to end, which will require tweaking a couple of scenes I've already written. I meant to do the tweaking this afternoon. Instead, I spent most of the day on the living room couch with my sick daughter curled up on my lap. Maybe I'll carve out some time for writing tonight after work.


Grayson said...

I know exactly how you feel, Jennifer -- that was how I felt about last quarter's rejection. I was so not prepared for it. I thought -- and still think -- that quarter's story was better than my HM-earning previous entries. It was a shock and, really, a punch in the gut.

But, as they say, upward and onward. :-) Congrats on having figured out your current ending (and I hope your sick one is soon better!).

Jennifer Campbell-Hicks said...

Hi, Grayson. I look forward to reading your story tomorrow in DSF.

I'm expect to get a form rejection from everywhere except WotF. So when WotF lays one on me, it's a big shock. And this particular story was one I thought might have a shot at semi or finalist. So ... bigger shock. Oh well. I'm trying to push through the doldrums as best I can.

Jeremy said...

You get a form rejection rom WotF?

I submitted electronically for the first time last year, got a confirmation email, but didn't hear anything after that.

Later, the results for the quarter I entered in came out on the blog, with my name no where to be seen.

Wish I had gotten some sort of notice of rejection, it really got my hopes up that I'd done well.

I took it pretty hard too. Put a lot of work into it.

Sounds like you're doing the right thing though, just plugging away at a new story.

Jennifer Campbell-Hicks said...

Hi Jeremy. Thanks for dropping by!

You should have received an e-mail response to your submission, either a rejection or a notification that you made honorable mention or higher. I have never *not* found out how my story did (although sometimes I wish I hadn't ...). If you don't hear anything by the time the finalists are announced, you're OK to e-mail the contest administrator and ask about your story.

I usually shrug off the rejections and keep moving forward, but the one in Q4 was tough. I've just recently gotten back into being excited about writing again.

The key to success is to keep trying. Even though you heard nothing last time around, make sure you enter this quarter, and good luck!