Friday, December 16, 2011

Catching up on Doctor Who

The Christmas episode of Doctor Who is still a week away, but there's no shortage of news and video clips out there the past few days.

First off, a couple of tidbits from show-runner Steven Moffat. He confirms that the upcoming season will be Amy and Rory's last and that their exit will be "heartbreaking." I can't think it could come as a surprise to anyone when a companion leaves. They're a dime a dozen on Doctor Who. In fact, more than two seasons aboard the TARDIS will be a record in the show's current run. In the case of the Ponds, their story has run its course. I only hope they don't end up dead. Moffat also alluded to the Doctor finding a new friend. It would be all kinds of awesome if the new companion were not a hot, young woman. Mix it up a bit, Moff.

And later in the day, an article turned up in which Moffatt says a David Yates-directed Who movie that ignores the television show would be "a heathen thing to do." He says any movie should be a continuation of the television show and star the television Doctor. I don't have much to say about that except: I agree.

Also, you can watch trailers for the Christmas episode and three short clips. But I prefer to post the prequel to the episode. So, without further ado ...

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